Mindfulness Meditation helps you to deal with life’s stresses in a calm and centred way. By developing a regular practice you will experience increased awareness and feel more present, more connected and able to cope with the inevitable challenges that occur.

Mindfulness Meditation involves amongst other things focussing on the breath as the object of concentration. In this way we learn to train the mind, reduce stress and deepen our awareness.

Mindfulness meditation is an eclectic practice that does not involve following any religion or creed.


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I Offer

  • 4 week classes
  • Day classes
  • Small groups
  • Corporate classes
  • One to One sessions (either at my home in North London or in the comfort of your own home)

I am also a qualified yoga teacher and am happy to include a combination of yoga postures and Mindfulness Meditation in our sessions.

Skype sessions are also available where necessary.

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