Sallie Rose MA


Sallie Rose has been meditating for the last thirty five years and teaching Yoga and Meditation for the last twenty years. 

Sallie is also an experienced Homoeopath, a qualified Life Coach and has completed a foundation course in Core Process Psychotherapy. She is currently engaged in a post-graduate training in Somatic bodywork which helps individuals process trauma in their body. She combines these disciplines into a holistic approach for teaching Mindfulness Meditation and supporting her students on all levels.

She has attended short-term and long-term retreats and studied with many teachers, including Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hahn, Jack Kornfied, Sogyal Rimpoche, Christina Feldman, Christopher Titmuss and Martin Aylward, and has completed the eight week course in Mindfulness. Sallie is a certified graduate of a One year Mindfulness Meditation Teachers Training and Endorsed Teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute ( in the UK. She has also recently completed a Teachers training in Mindful Self Compassion with The University of Bangor.

Sallie teaches Mindfulness Meditation to individuals, groups and in organisations. She teaches regularly at Tri Yoga, as well as from her home in North London. She is also currently involved in setting up a beautiful house in Greece for writers and meditators to conduct personal or guided retreats and  to support people to deepen their practice in a tranquil and stunningly beautiful setting. 

Above all, Sallie is committed to making meditation accessible and supporting people in establishing and maintaining a practice in the midst of their busy lives.