MINDFULNESS Meditation tailored to your own specific needs

I offer two one-to-one sessions in North London or on Skype. Each session lasts one hour. In the first session I teach you the basic Mindfulness Meditation techniques and support you to establish a practice for yourself, taking into account your individual lifestyle and demands.

In the second session we review your experience of the practice. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that may have arisen. I will then give you additional meditation techniques to deepen your existing practice further.

The sessions are a safe space to explore whatever rises in awareness. During the sessions I will support you in the following:-

  • Learn specific mindfulness techniques including awareness of the breath, body awareness techniques and visualisations.
  • Set up a regular meditation practice taking into account your busy life.
  • Set goals in terms of developing your practice and supporting you the achievement of these goals.
  • Deal with the questions and obstacles that arise in between sessions.

Home visits are available at an extra fee of £10 per session. Skype sessions are also available for those who would like a personalised service but are unable to travel. Please call 07944818197 to discuss.


The total cost of the two mindfulness training sessions is £120 inclusive, plus £20 for each extra person that attends. I do offer reductions so do feel free to ask.


Some people choose to have follow-on sessions to keep their practice alive or to work with issues that have arisen in their meditation practice. These sessions cost £60 an hour.

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